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“Sandy was very reasonable and provided quality work 
in a timely manner.” -Pam C. 
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GRAPHIC DESIGN & ILLUSTRATION: Are quoted individually. Based on $45/hour

MURAL PRICES: Sandy strives to keep her mural prices reasonable without sacrificing quality. Her minimum for murals is $320 (for the first day),$120 for each addional 1/2 day & $240 for each additional full day. (this excludes furniture, graphic design, etc those are quoted differently) Most Residential & Children's murals take between 1 to 2 days to complete. Outdoor, commercial & intensive murals will take more days. The price of the quote depends on the size, detail and difficulty of the subject matter. An out-of-town drive cost will be charged outside Sandy's local driving area (Knox County) to cover the expense of gas, etc. 

Before any painting begins Sandy goes over the project with the client to get a feeling for what they would like to see when the project is complete. Sketches and quotes will be given to the client to approve or change until they like what they see. There is no obligation or pressure to have the murals painted at this point in the process. After this point murals are scheduled. Please keep in mind that Sandy her baby sitters and her family have to prepare for this date. She requires a 2 day notice of cancellation or $30 will be charged. Additions to the mural after painting has started will be charged accordingly per hour.

PHOTOGRAPHY: All digital photos are included in the price. I give the paid client the photography release of all the photos taken and edited. Prices are based on a location in Knox County, Ohio. I do not shoot indoor studio work. My photos are taken on location in outdoor natural light whenever possible. Exception: Weddings. 

Senior Portraits: $100 

Family Portraits: $100

Photos with horses, pets, ect: $100

Children's portraits: $100

Wedding Photos: $700 Pre-wedding - Reception. Includes editing/color correcting of photos, a hardbound photo book and all digital photos on dvd. Please allow 4-5 months after wedding to receive photo files. 

All prices subject to change.