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Here below is what some of Sandy's clients are saying.

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Thanks so much, everyone. -Sandy Boone

Sandy painted a farm mural in our children's play room.The experience really exceeded all of my expectations. My husband had talked for several months about painting a mural in the playroom. I searched extensively online and in magazines to try and find something I liked. I am not very artistic so I just couldn't visualize what I wanted. I knew that I wanted soft colors and we wanted something gender neutral. My husband like the farm theme. We met with Sandy and just talked about things we liked and didn't like. She went home and then sent us a sketch. I was so excited when I saw the sketch because it was perfect.

Sandy came and completed the mural in a day and a half. I work at home and the playroom is connected to my office. It was amazing to me to look over throughout the day and see the mural coming to life before my eyes. Sandy worked very quickly. I teased my husband because it took him 4 days to paint the base coat and it only took a day and a half for Sandy to paint a beautiful mural.

I just love the feel of the playroom, now. It's so calm and beautiful. My kids love it. They are more willing to play in there and they want to keep it picked up at the end of the day. My three year old says, "We have to keep our playroom pretty." :-)

The cost of the work was Absolutely worth the price!

~Stacey W

Sandy painted a tree with monkeys in it, a full body giraffe, grass along the bottom of the wall around the room. In a nursery.
Our experience was great! The painting was done in one day and when I arrived home it was more then I expected. The room was changed dramatically. It was a neutral color to begin with, afterwords the animals made the difference and brought the room together with the other decorative items in the room.
I absolutly think the work was worth the price. I've already started thinking about the other rooms.
-Melody C

Sandy painted a mural on a cement bench pad-2 benches permantly placed at the Mt. Vernon entrance of the Kokosing Gap Trail. It is a complement to a memorial garden it over looks.
The painting was more then I expected. Sandy consulted with me several times before starting, used my idea I had, offered sketches for approval, then worked her magic!
No piece of art has generated so many wonderful comments from so many. It is priceless.
I love the mural & love Sandy they are 2 priceless treasures.
-Carol T.

Sandy painted a beautiful lamb theme in my baby's nursery. I got bedding from potter barn kids and showed her an idea of what I wanted. It actually turned out even better than the idea I showed her.
She had the entire mural painted in about 5 hours. I went back up to the room & it was unbelievable that she had all of that finished and so beautifully. My husband couldn't believe the room. The painting was even better than what I expected.
The room was cute before, but very plain & borring. I didn't realize how plain it was until I saw it finished with the mural. The room is different than any I have seen . I can't wait to have the baby. I think the work is most definatlye worth the price! I love the mural & will be contacting Sandy in the near future to pant a mural in our basement - Can't Wait! Thanks again Sandy!
-Erin M.

Sandy took on the complicated task of painting two education panels for our program's traveling education tent that is used at local fairs and festivals as well as in local schools-they had to be able to fold up on canvas and remain durable-she worked with a tarm maker to be sure her paints would be durable enought to stand up to such portable reuse- I gave Sandy the task of creating a 20 ft long and 7ft high mural of a working landfill and the area surrounding the landfill-I gave her information on how a landfill operatates and armed her with a few illustrations-my only request that she take the material and draw a scene as a consumer or someone new to recycling would invision it - with the first sketch she gave me just I was hoping for-with a few minor suggestions she was able to start the finished pieces-our 10ftx7ft litter awarness panel was just as wonderful. I have used both panels all summer long to teach knox county citizens about the importance of recycling and preventing the habit of littering-the public is amazed at the informationa dn they appreciate how easy it is for them to understand & learn new facts.
Sandy was very reasonable and provided quality work in a timely manner.
My peers in other counties across the state of Ohio have seen my education tent and are very eager to work with her to design education panels that address important issues in their areas- Great Job Sandy! Thanks so Much!
-Pam C., Knox County Recycling & Litter Prevention

Sandy painted our Nursery for our first baby. She painted clouds on the ceiling. A very large moon with a face & stars on the walls. She is very talented.
The painting is absolutly beautiful. It was better than I ever could've expected. I was very skeptical at first. I couldn't make up my mind on what I wanted for the theme for the nursery. Sandy come over twice, did 3 different sketches, and helped me with my decision. She painted the whole room in about half of a day. It was amazing for me to see it. I had to work the day she painted,so I was very excited to get home and see it. Iwas so happy when I saw wat a great job she did.
Everyone who sees the room absoultly loves it. My husband and I are very pleased with the way everything turned out! The price was definatly very reasonable. If I ever need anything else done. I won't hesitate to call her! I recomend Sandy to anyone who needs anthing painted. Murals, furniture, whatever it may be!
-Heidi M.