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Boone's Farm - Free Range Eggs

Where do your egg come from? 

About our hens... 
All of our chickens are Golden Buff hens they lay large to extra large brown free range eggs. Our chickens roost in the chicken house at night keeping them protected from critters like raccoon and coyote. This also help assure us that the eggs are collected fresh that day. In the morning they lay their eggs and around noon they are let outside to wander around our farm. Naturally eating grass the way nature intended. That helps give our egg yokes their rich color and taste. The hens are fed grain when the eggs are collected. In the evening by instinct they follow each other back to the chicken house to roost. Inside the chicken house they have the freedom to wander the barn and also adventure to the outside pen. 

About our eggs...
  -  The eggs are large to jumbo in size
  -  Brown in Color
  -  Free Range
  - Collected daily in small quantity (about 12-20 each day)
  - We welcome calls or emails for availability

Taste the difference!

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